2021 Wedding Trend Predictions

Can you believe we’re already in August? Neither. What an insane year it has been, especially for those of you planning a wedding. The goods news is weddings can still go ahead in most states (for now), and if marrying the partner of your dreams is on the cards for 2021, your day will come!

COVID-19 and variations of lockdown protocol have sparked new ideas on how to celebrate your big day. Here are a few 2021 Wedding Trend Predictions:

Goodbye Cocktail Wedding

2021 may see cocktail weddings off the menu as it’s unclear as to what the social distancing rules will be. However if you’re planning your wedding now for next year, it’s safe to say that you might be better off planning for social distancing protocols. Cocktail weddings allow people to stand, eat, drink and dance freely within the venue parameters. Obviously this could be a concern for attendees. A more traditional sit-down arrangement will allow guests to have a designated area where adequate spacing can be measured. It also eliminates the chance of cross-contamination.

Wedding Dress with an Element of Surprise

In an interview for Fashionista, Maxwell Cooper says “brides are looking for an ‘element of surprise’ with their wedding fashion… We’re seeing multiple looks: one for their virtual civil ceremony that they’re having now and then saving their original dress or look for later down the road.” Fabulous! There has also been talk of an increase in a Bride’s decisions to have multiple bridal ensembles: rehearsal dinner, reception, after-party and post-wedding brunch.

Source: Fashionista

Colour Predictions for 2021: Marigold Yellow, Navy Blue & Slate Gray

According to Wedding Forward next year’s colours are the perfect combination to accompany the rise in outdoor weddings. The pairing of Marigold yellow, navy blue and slate grey work perfectly at coastal venues but really shine at vineyard locations – hello, Hunter Valley! Furthermore, groomsmen in navy suits, maids in navy or hues of greys or silvers, and bam! You have yourself a versatile colour palette that pops against white and natural backdrop settings.

Source: Wedding Forward

The Rise of the Wedding Coordinator

With changes in rules, dates, guest capacity, venue requirements, food and beverage packages, vendor management and anything else COVID-19 throws at us, will see a rise in on-the-day wedding coordinators. A wedding coordinator will take care of all the big and small hiccups that arise on the day but will also ensure you and your guests are safe participants on the day. A wedding day is a production where lots of moving pieces need to be managed — you’re not there to manage those things. You’re there to enjoy your wedding day! Leave the speed bumps to the professionals.

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