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Kerstyn on Sunrise TV

Hire A Bridesmaid was visited by The Today Show!

Hire A Bridesmaid on The Six O-Clock Show

The New Standard for Nuptials? | The Morning Show on 7

Professional Bridesmaid

Sydney professional bridesmaid reveals weird request she won’t do

Kerstyn Walsh is a professional bridesmaid who earns up to $8000 per wedding – but there’s one task brides ask she refuses to do.

Professional Celebrant Kerstyn Walsh

Professional bridesmaid Kerstyn Walsh reveals the secrets of her unusual job

A professional bridesmaid-for-hire has spoken about the weird and wonderful aspects of her job as a hired wedding guest.

Professional Bestie Kerstyn Walsh

A $9,000 fee and 4 weddings in 2 days: The life of a professional bridesmaid

Professional bridesmaid. I know, right? So many questions. Who knew there was such a thing.

Professional MC Kerstyn Walsh

Weddings in 2022: Here’s how to plan your special day next year

After a year of postponed and downsized nuptials, the wedding industry is buoyed by a boom in couples looking to get married in 2022.

Kerstyn Walsh Professional Bridesmaid

Kerstyn once attended FOUR ceremonies in a weekend – and why she never invents a backstory for how she knows the bride

Kerstyn Walsh has walked down the aisle more than 150 times – but she is always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Kerstyn Walsh Professional Bridesmaid

A professional bridesmaid has been in over 150 weddings in just 4 years

Walsh has a background in performing, and she got into the wedding business somewhat by chance.

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