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Hire A Bridesmaid Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Planning

Have you planned a wedding recently? How are you supposed to know where to start?

Society says you’re supposed to know everything, but we say don’t put that pressure on yo’self. We have planned, worked, been in and attended a THOUSAND* weddings and have all the knowledge, contacts, expertise and experience you could ever need!

So let’s make your dream wedding happen together and the masses will be pinning your pics on Pinterest forever! * it’s closer to a million now.

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Marriage Celebrant Kerstyn

You bring the wedding, I’ll bring the vibe. My style as a celebrant is fun, upbeat, bright and humorous. If this sounds like the way you’d like to remember your wedding ceremony, then I’m the girl for you! Am I the best marriage celebrant in the world? Probably not, BUT I’m pretty great at what I do. My background of many years on stages as a professional performer and MC has meant that I can read a crowd like nobody’s business (except that it’s literally my business).

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Wedding Day Coordination

These packages are designed to cover everything and anything on the day of your wedding. Whether that starts by picking up and dropping off hot coffee, or meeting all your suppliers at the venue and helping set up; we got your back and your front, actually.

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Professional Master of Fun (aka Master of Ceremonies)

Having a professional MC for your wedding reception is key to ensuring the event flows seamlessly and on time. We know what you’re thinking: “But Uncle John really wants to do it!” We’ve been MCs for our friends and family, and let us tell you, it’s a huge honour but it’s also a huge task! We LOVE it, but we never truly enjoyed ourselves (or got to drink as much as we’d liked!) because we were watching our clocks and running around all night. Don’t do that to Uncle John, ok?

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Hire A Bridesmaid Wedding Planning

Hire a Bridesmaid/Hire a Groomsman

Hire A Bridesmaid Wedding Day Coordination

There are MANY reasons you might like to hire a professional bridesmaid. Here are just a few reasons why couples have hired us in the past:

Yellow heart

Their friends and family are based overseas and were unable to travel

They didn’t want their other bridesmaids/groomsmen to have jobs to do on the day

Their actual bridesmaids weren’t being very helpful

They wanted a party member who will support them no matter what

They wanted to even out the wedding party on both sides

They were eloping and needed a couple of strangers to be their witnesses and keep their secret

They became friends with us as their wedding planner

They needed a cheerleader for their wedding plans