3 Things We Wish Couples Would Stop Doing…

“Gee, that wedding was so easy to plan. Absolutely every single thing went perfectly!”

– Said no-one ever!

It’s no surprise that weddings are hard work. You already know this. Coordinating human beings, watering them, feeding them, seating them – it’s a lot! A wedding day is a major event that requires precision, well-thought-out decisions, and a team of people who know how to execute.

Having been to over 200 weddings, it’s easy for me to see the common trends at each wedding with each couple. Sure, every wedding is unique, but there are some things I wish couples would stop doing…

Ready for some truth bombs?

1. Stop being so hard on yourselves

You’ve never planned a wedding before! You’re not expected to know how to do all of this easily. How are you meant to remember where to put the cake knife or the fact you may need to bring a power generator? Were you meant to read minds when it came to how much glassware you’d need or how much hiring a live band would cost? I love all our clients dearly so it hurts my heart when they come to us stressed, sad or frustrated with the process. It doesn’t need to be this way, I promise! Give yourself a break and engage with professionals; you’ll thank them for it later.

2. Stop solely focusing on the wedding day

Don’t forget, you’ll never have the opportunity to be engaged again. Being a fiancé or fiancée is the best! You’ve already made a beautiful commitment together, and this is the time to dream about the future, but most importantly, focus on the NOW! Of course, nothing major changes when you’re suddenly married, but it’s worth remembering and honouring where your relationship is in the present.

3. Stop pleasing everyone else

Easier said than done, right? But guess what? This is YOUR wedding, no one else’s. This is your day to do as you please and that’s all the matters. Don’t feel as though you have to make any decisions based on other peoples preferences, beliefs and certainly not their opinions. You’re going to look back on this day for the rest of your lives, so put your stamp on it and do what feels right for you.

Need more advice? A cuddle? A coffee? You know we’re just a call away. They don’t call us “professional besties” for nothing!

Kerstyn x



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