5 Things Your Wedding Coordinator (aka ME!) Will Handle For You

A wedding coordinator (aka moi) is a magical fairy godmother that helps soon-to-be newlyweds prepare for their big day. But unless you’ve organised a wedding before, it may be a little hard to picture just how helpful having a wedding coordinator is. Here are 5 things your wedding coordinator will handle for you.

1. Be the clipboard manager

Fun fact: your wedding needs a run-sheet. I know, sounds crazy right? A run-sheet is an essential part of hosting a successful event, particularly a wedding. It should include detailed information about all of your suppliers, bump in times, logistical curve-balls that can only be handled on the day, floor plans as well as catering and entertainment requirements. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found a clipboard pretty enough to go with a wedding gown which is why I am the proverbial clipboard manager, and let me tell you, I wear that thing like a bloody badge of honour.

5 Things Your Wedding Coordinator (aka ME!) Will Handle For You

(me about clipboards)

2. Vendor manager

The lead up to your wedding day will be busy because while you’re preparing for the big day, normal life continues in the background. To alleviate some of these time pressures, I meet with your vendors, review contracts you have in place and confirm logistics for the day. Organising the photographer is a perfect example of this which is why it’s your wedding coordinator will ask if they’ll need lighting on the day? Where will this lighting go? Where will they have a safe space to back-up photos throughout the course of the day? What time are they arriving? What photos are a ‘must’ on the day? What time are they signing off? Is this enough time to capture everything the newly weds want? What time do we need to leave the shoot to be back at the reception on time so our guests don’t become ravenous and/or wildly drunk? Lot’s of things to discuss, and that’s not even including the videographer.

3. Budget Assistant

I can help you plan a budget and stick to it. Simple! Furthermore, considering this isn’t my first rodeo, I will be able to assist you with my VIP list of vendors. Ones I’ve used before who have delivered on time, on budget, are trustworthy and reliable, and do a bloody good job. I pride myself on working with local, passionate businesses and I’d gladly point you in their direction with confidence. This in itself if a huge timesaver when preparing for a wedding but more so, it’ll also save you money knowing you’re not overpaying for a service.

5 things your wedding coordinator aka me will handle for you 3

4. The Great Wall

This is probably one of the most valuable services I offer, and you’ll soon see why. I like to say I act as The Great Wall for unwanted questions and requests from suppliers, venue managers, guests and so on. If you have me by your side, people will have to go through me first meaning I can protect you from the questions about adding a pea and ham soup to the menu for a wedding in the middle of January. Or changing the floor plan because it’s better for Aunt Mary-Anne’s ‘Macarena’ rendition. In all seriousness, there are a lot of decisions to be made and I can assist in filtering these into one meaningful conversation at a time, as opposed to 50 in a day.

5. General legend

Have you thought about how your Bridesmaid’s overnight bags get from the location of where they’re staying the night before, to the night of? Hi. Are you worried about Nan missing out on a seat in the front row of the ceremony? Hello. Are you worried nobody will hit the DF? You don’t need to tell me twice. Genuinely, the emphasis here is on the word ‘general’ (who am I kidding, it’s very much about ‘legend’ too) – I am like an octopus utilising my 8 tentacles fixing flowers, touching up lipgloss, holding dresses, greeting guests, checking the food is on time, plus anything else that might arise throughout the day. And I’m yet to meet a wedding day hiccup that I didn’t meet with a smile (before politely kicking it in the guts and showing it who’s boss).

5 things your wedding coordinator aka me will handle for you

K x

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