Choosing a theme for your wedding

Choosing a wedding theme can be both an exciting and daunting task, and you might be wondering why you even need a theme! The answer is that you don’t need one at all, but if you’d like your wedding day to feel cohesive, knowing what it will look like (ie. your theme) is a good place to start!

Having a theme also helps your floral designer and stylist to know what your ideal look is, so they can customize your design appropriately.

So here are my 7 steps to help you decide on a theme for your special day:

  1. Consider your Venue: Determine what fits best with the location of your wedding. If you have a rustic barn booked, have a think about what elements work well in this environment. Look at the colours of the walls, timber, flooring, beams; anything you can see in your space- and decide what you think will work best
  2. Brainstorm: Think about the elements you would like to have at your wedding. Consider what is meaningful to you and your partner. This could be along the lines of native flowers or dried designs, gold cutlery and tableware, candles everywhere. Whatever it is, make a note and think about how these elements might work together.
  3. Research: Explore wedding websites, magazines, and social media for inspiration. Have you heard of Pinterest?
  4. Consult: Talk to your floral designer and/or stylist about your ideas and get their input. They will have plenty of ideas they can share with you. If you’re not working with a floral designer or stylist, you could chat about this with your friends to see what they think!
  5. Consider the Season: Think about the time of year you are planning to get married and what elements would look best. For example, an open fire place might be out of place in the middle of summer.
  6. Review Your Budget: Make sure to factor in any costs associated with your theme.
  7. Make It Personal: Make sure your theme reflects your unique personalities and style. Do you like certain colours? Would you prefer to use balloons over flowers? Can you bring in something exciting in the way of food if what you eat is a propriety? What about a custom cocktail?

The idea here is to jot down allllll your thoughts and ideas in one place then look for similarities across the board. Will the blue flowers you like work with the hot pink bridesmaid dresses you love? How will fairy lights enhance the space, or will they make the ceiling look too busy? Whatever you decide, narrow down your theme on a Pinterest board or mood board to cover: venue, flowers and design, outfits, and extras.

We hope these steps help you choose the perfect theme for your wedding day, and remember to share your theme ideas with your floral designer and/or stylist.

Happy planning!

Kerstyn x

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