How To: Celebrate your Original Wedding Date

No one in their right mind could’ve anticipated that when you picked a wedding date that a pandemic would’ve swept across the world and force you to reschedule your big day. In fact, if you told me it was going to happen I would’ve had a big giggle and not believed it possible. But, we’re not going to dwell on the circumstances before us because we know this will pass, and you will marry the love of your life. In the meantime, we’re loving this trend of celebrating what would’ve been your wedding day. Here are a few suggestions on how you can do this.

Ideas on how you can celebrate your wedding date

Date Night

You might not be able to go out to your favourite restaurant, but there’s plenty of romance to be had at an at-home-date-night. Pop that good bottle of bubbly in the fridge, light the ‘good’ candles and get your hands on the most delicious food you can. Don’t forget some romantic tunes, and please please PLEASE no screens during the meal. Toast to you and your partner, the wedding you had planned, and the wedding that will be.

Call In

Zoom has been getting an absolute workout during this pandemic and there’s good reason for it. Jump online and organise a virtual party for you and your close friends or family. Whether it’s just to catch up, acknowledge the occasion or do mini pre-wedding cheers, any excuse is a good excuse to get your friends and family involved.

10 Moments

We have unlimited access to photos on our phones and social media, so why not choose 10 of your favourite photos or memories of you and your partner and share them with each other? It might be from a holiday, your first date, or yesterday when the love of your life fell asleep in their underwear on the lounge watching a movie that they swore they WEREN’T going to fall asleep through. Whatever it is, it’s special to you, and that makes it special enough to share.

Flowers & Cake

No doubt you’ve thought about your flowers and cake for the big day – why not order a mini version of each? No one is ever sad with beautiful blooms scattered through the house or when there’s cake in the fridge. Toast to the day that would’ve been, and focus on the day ahead where you’ll marry the love of your life.

Your wedding may have been postponed but celebrating the day that would’ve been is a lovely way to remind yourself of the love you have, and the celebration to come. In the meantime, if we can assist you with any of your wedding needs, we’re just an email away.

K x

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