How to Choose the Right Bridesmaid Dress

(Hint: it’s not one size fits all)

The moment you ask your bestie to stand beside you (armed with tissues) on your big day is magical. After all being a bridesmaid is a privilege; it’s an honour to wake up with the bride on her big day and share those special moments together.

Bridesmaids are there to help tape your boobs into place, keep your phone safe for the day (always overlooked!) and make way for you down the aisle before you are greeted by your husband-to-be. But if you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably got a girl squad that represents all shapes and sizes, yes #bopo!

So how do you choose the right bridesmaid dress?

Tip 1: Have the Conversation

It may sound obvious, but I cannot stress how helpful it is to openly discuss with your bridesmaids what their style preference is. Depending on how well your bridesmaids know each other, you may want to do this individually instead of at a roundtable event (like at someone else’s wedding! That’s a bloody terrible idea.)

If that doesn’t help, phone a friend… That friend is me! Hiiiiiii…

How to Choose the Right Bridesmaid Dress

Insert Hire A Bridesmaid to be the voice of reason! Trust me, diluting awkward situations while coming to an agreement is a true gift of mine. (Remind me to tell you of the time said talent got me out of detention in year 9. Or don’t, you’ve probably got lots of other things to think about.)

Seriously though, that’s what I’m here for. The beauty is, it’ll remove you from the situation and could save a lot of unwarranted tension.

Tip 2: The Multi-Way Dress

They’re popular for their versatility, but they don’t sit high on my “practical” list. For starters, there is zero support in them for your ta-tas (boobies, bosom, breasts). So, if you’re like me, you’d shudder at the thought of trying to walk down the aisle in one, let alone boogie the night away. But fear not my support-needing friend, I got your back…and your front.

Tip 3: Who dat? Who dat?

Don’t forget to think about your maid’s personality. Sounds strange, right?! Well if you think about it, not all women are comfortable flaunting their assets. Some prefer to highlight their curves, while others may wish to cover them up. And hey, that’s totally cool! A woman is always beautiful when she feels confident, and I know that’s all you want for your BFF as she stands by your side.

Just remember… Hell hath no fury for a maid that’s been made to wear a side pony and/or potato sack. Chat about it, talk it out, doesn’t need to be weird.

K x

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