How to choose the right wedding photographer

Good wedding photography is something that lives on well past the big day. The photos give you a chance to reflect on memories made and are something for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Obviously it’s also V important to have tangible proof of how bloody gorg you looked on the day, and it never hurts to have super profesh photos to show off with on Facebook… Oh come on as if you won’t.

How to choose the right wedding photographer

But how do you choose the right wedding photographer for you? How can you be sure they’ll capture your day, and your love, exactly as you’ve always imagined?

Why, with these tips of course!

Decide on your preferred style

Once you start doing your research, you’ll notice that most photographers have a style they’re more known for, so make sure your preferences and their style align as much as possible.

Research research research

Did I mention research? This means reading reviews and testimonials, asking for portfolios and albums, setting up interviews with a few and going over your ideals and asking any and all questions you have. Is there a particular photo you’re dying to get (such as nighttime with sparklers dancing around you, or a funny one with all your bridesmaids). Don’t shy away from any questions now, as there’s really no going back once your big day is done and captured.

Do you get along and feel comfortable?

This tip is SO important. You don’t have to become BFFs but it’s crucial to meet beforehand, or at least Skype, so you can get a feel for each others personalities and whether or not they’re going to ‘get you’ on the day. The last thing you want is to feel awkward at your own wedding.

How to choose the right wedding photographer

Post-event timelines

Find out what you can expect after your wedding, in terms of a time frame for photos, and whether you get an album, or all photos on a USB stick. Find out how many photos you can expect to receive. Just because they take 4000 photos on the day, doesn’t mean you’ll get them all. This knowledge is best to know up front so there’s no surprises later.

I’ve worked with so many talented and reliable photographers over the years, and would love to refer them to you!

Give me a call and let’s chat.

K x

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