How to use Pinterest to Plan your Wedding

We often wonder if the Pinterest creators knew how popular their platform was going to be for wedding planning when they created it. Thank goodness they did, because it has helped Brides and Grooms plan their wedding days with much more ease. Being able to see real-life examples of styling, search various dress styles, find wonderful inspiration and uncover a ton of hacks, has given wedding planning the booster seat it needed. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re B.I.G fans of Pinterest. So we thought we would share a few of our favourite Pinterest Wedding Planning Tips! Also: if you’re already on Pinterest, follow us here.

How to Use it Most Effectively

  1. Create a new Board and call it ‘Name and Name’s Wedding‘ (there are so many boards already called ‘our wedding’, ‘my wedding’ etc, it will just make it easier for you)
  2. Create sections within your board for each of the inspo categories you’re looking for. We recommend Venue, Styling, Floral Design, The Dress, The Suit, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Food, Signage, Photo Inspo and any other key categories you can think of!
  3. Pin away! Use really specific search terms if you know what you want ie. “boho outdoor wedding fairy lights rugs” or “green velvet men’s suit jacket with black pants”
  4. Once you’ve gathered 10-30 pins under each category, go back through, section by section, and remove the ones that no longer suit you. You should notice an overall theme on the things you’ve pinned, like colours and styles.
  5. Share your Board with your Wedding Planner, Stylist, Florist and anyone else who’ll be heavily involved in the look of your day.

The Dress

Perhaps the most wonderful part of Pinterest: welcome to wedding dress pinning! There are quite literally millions of wedding dresses on Pinterest for you to ooh and ahh at all day long. The beauty of this is it provides a welcome distraction from any world related news at the moment (thanks COVID), and it also helps determine which style, cut and fabric you might prefer. Wedding dress shopping can be an almighty task if you’re starting from scratch. Narrowing down to a few preferences can really take the overwhelm out of the big decision. But as we always say – don’t rush this decision and go off what makes you feeeeeeel the best!

Styling and Decor

This is where Pinterest really shines. We could spend hours (and we do) scrolling through all the innovative design and styling pieces from indoor, outdoor, coastal, farm and vineyard weddings. And the best bit? You’ll always be able to find an option that works within your budget. Having a strong idea of the styling elements you’d like to include – like signage or table decor – can assist with vendor briefings. A visual representation of what’s in your mind will also be 10/10 helpful for your vendors to create something as close to your vision as possible.

The Florals

Lillies, roses, hydrangeas, natives or sunflowers. What’s your style? There is something from everyone on Pinterest. We have found that over time we have been so inspired to try new things with florals as clever florists are continually reinventing the way you can use flowers at a wedding. Florals can make as much of a statement at your wedding as you (and your budget) likes, however popular floral searches on Pinterest are for the ceremony (usually an arbor or on seating), bouquets (yours and your maids) and at the reception (table settings or other decorations). Start there, cull what isn’t needed and then find a florist who matches your style.

The Cake

WARNING: do not, we repeat, do NOT scroll for cakes on Pinterest if you’re hungry. Big mistake, huge! There is enough cake inspiration on Pinterest to keep you pinning from now till 2040. You can tie the design in with the rest of the elements you’ve chosen and ensure the cake is a hero in its own right. There is one small caveat to picking a cake on Pinterest – you can’t taste it (wahhh). And we have one rule about your wedding cake, it’s there to be enjoyed, so choose something delicious.

If you’re a client of ours, you’ll already know how much we love to work with Pinterest. And we hope this has provided a good insight into how you can use Pinterest with or without a wedding coordinator.

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K x

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