Planning a Wedding in 2021

The world as we know it may have changed, but we’re not going to let that stop us from marrying the love of our life, right?! Sure 2021 may look a little different from previous years (except 2020 which we’re not even going to talk about!), but the beauty is, now we’re prepared! If you’re planning a wedding in 2021, here is some motherly advice from a wedding planner (hi!).

1. Prepare for social distancing

The rules and restrictions related to COVID-19 are constantly changing. It’s hard to know where things will be this time next week, let alone on your wedding day. The best way to tackle the COVID rollercoaster (worst ride ever?) is to have contingency plans in place. Prepare for social distancing where you can – i.e. spaces between tables, seating at the ceremony, or live-streaming if some guests cannot attend. The more you’re prepared for the “just in case”, the better you’ll feel should they occur. Also, don’t forget to reach out to your venue and vendors on their advice – we’ve been doing this a while now and have tips and tricks to ease on through, safely.

2. Don’t sweat the things out of your control

What a great life lesson! If only it were that simple. Truth is, there are lots of little things that may go ‘awry’ on your wedding day. Most of which will be out of your control – like rain. (Honestly, rain makes for the most beautiful wedding photos!) Having adequate Plan Bs for things that may arise, and a team of vendors and professionals who can help bring things back on track will be your saving grace.

3. Read your contracts and understand the terms of payment

When engaging vendors and wedding professionals, it’s paramount to read each of their contracts properly and check their payment/postponement/refund terms carefully. A lot of vendors will have a non-refundable deposit (this is normal) so in today’s times, it’s good to chat upfront about what will happen if the wedding is postponed. It’s always helpful to have these conversations early on so there are no surprises or awkward conversations down the track.

4. Go with the flow

Planning a wedding can be stressful! It’s the whole reason we started Hire a Bridesmaid five years ago; we absorb the stress for you! With the right help, advice, and planning it doesn’t need to be stressful. We would like to take this moment to remind you that marrying the love of your life should remain the key focus – the rest can, and will, be figured out. Let the wedding professionals like us worry about problem-solving so you can enjoy the day.

Have a question? Shoot us an email at [email protected] we’d love to hear from you.

K x

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