What is Bride Brain and What to Do About It!

If you’ve started planning your wedding already, you’ll understand the huge task ahead of you. If you haven’t, even better. Beloved Brides all around the world can suffer from Bride Brain – yes it’s a real thing! Bride Brain is what happens when months and months of planning every minute detail of a wedding – including managing vendors, overseeing the budget, making countless decisions – catches up with you. Eventually, your brain has enough and wants to checkout early.

We do not want this for you! We want to avoid this at all costs!

You may fall into one of two categories:

  1. Micromanaging Mandy*
  2. Cool as Celine

*No Mandys were hurt in the naming of this category.

Now, whether you’re obsessing over every.single.last.tiny.weeny.detail, or trying to glaze over everything with ease – you can still be a victim of Bride Brain.

Here’s what you need to do!

Firstly, call us! Hi! We’re a lot of fun, and we also have loads of tips and resources that can HELP! Understanding what and where you need to delegate can make all the difference.

Secondly, set some boundaries. We know how exciting planning a wedding is. However, you’re not going to solve any world problems by scrolling on Pinterest 6 hours a day. Setting boundaries and limits will help you, particularly around the use of social media (as it’s just too easy to jump on at all times of the day and start scrolling!).

Thirdly, hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners are magical creatures that can work with you, your budget, and your timeline. There are options! Please don’t assume you cannot afford a planner, as often people make this mistake and leave it too late to hire one by the time they realise how much work is involved in planning a wedding. A wedding planner can help from as far as 9 months out from your wedding, all the way to on the day itself (AKA a wedding day coordinator).

Lastly, accept that no wedding is perfect. We all buy into the faultless Instagram weddings we see fill our feed, but having worked at over 170 weddings now, we can assure you not everything goes to plan. And that’s OK! Chances are it’ll be insignificant and will not ruin your day. We plan for the things we can, so on the day, we have a better scope to manage anything that fate throws our way. Sometimes it’s the plans that did go awry that end up the most fun.

We started this business to ensure that no bride or groom ever felt stressed or overwhelmed throughout the wedding planning process, but most importantly, so they can show up on their wedding day without a care in the world. We want this for you! Trust us and those who have gone before you 😉

Got a question or need a virtual hug? Give us a call on 1800 4 BESTIE!

K x

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