What to Ask your Prospective Wedding Vendors

A successful wedding day comes down to preparation and communication. Being adequately prepared to manage suppliers, vendors, timelines, and budgets is key to a successful wedding day production. (Yes, we just referred to your wedding day as a production, because, well… it is!). Communicating with all parties involved from your partner, relatives, suppliers, and vendors is important from the first enquiry, first meeting, all the way through to the wedding day.

Couples can hire a service to assist managing these vendors on their behalf (#shamelessplug), meaning you only have a single point of contact – brilliant! However, if you’re organising your own wedding we suggest you consider the following questions:

  • Does the vendor’s style match your style? Now we’re not just talking photographers, florists and cake designers; we’re also referring to the style in which vendors work and communicate. Do they pay attention to the right kind of information? The kind of information that is important to you? Are you on the same page with your vision? Finding vendors who match your personality style, vibe and vision is key to the right vibe from go to whoaaa!
  • Will they fit your budget? This is an obvious one, but something that is often overlooked. Planning a wedding is emotional so sometimes we see couples squeezing in vendor costings they haven’t accounted for, meaning an impending budget blow-out is on the horizon. Asking vendors their costings, fees, and additional charges should plans change at the last minute, or contingency plan expenses is a great way to prepare for potential overages. Asking these questions upfront also means less awkward conversations later. Bonus tip: Budget ahead for the ‘just in case‘ moment you might require a wedding day coordinator. We’re biased, but having someone to handle it all on the day is a must if you want to sit back and relax. You might decide you don’t need one down the track and if that’s the case, you can use that carefully saved money elsewhere (#releasethedoves)
  • What are their expectations? When we meet with vendors, we normally let them do the talking – discovering what they’re going to bring to the day, how they see their vision come to life. But a great way to get a full perspective on working with the vendor is asking what their expectations are of you! Do they need to be paid by a certain date? Are they expecting you to bring the table cloth or cut up the fruit in advance? Who’s couriering the balloons? Will they require access to the venue at a certain time? Are you responsible for purchasing supplies? Ensuring you know their level of expectations means a much smoother ride than finding out you were meant to chill the alcohol on the morning of your wedding (yep, seen this happen before!)
  • Do they require you to work with their approved supplier list? Sometimes vendors, particularly venues, prefer to work with certain businesses for a number of reasons. This isn’t overly common but it definitely happens and is something to be mindful of. It’s also a great opportunity to seek other vendors who come highly recommended in the industry – which is a good way to pick out an outstanding supplier recommended by someone you already know and trust.
  • Can you provide some testimonials or references? Speaking to people who have been there, done that, may help you choose the right fit for your day. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of previous work or speak to previous clients to get an understanding of how the day went.

Aside from asking the right questions, we always, ALWAYS recommend meeting with all of your potential vendors face-to-face. It’s the best way to whip through all these bits and pieces as well as seeing if you have good chemistry – after all, you will be spending a fair bit of time with these people so you want to make sure you get along too.

If you have any questions, remember we’re just a call or email away.

Happy planning!

K x

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