Seating at a wedding ceremony – you’re welcome (literally)

Hey! Have you been invited to a wedding? How exciting! In case you didn’t know, weddings can be expensive and if you were invited it means you reallllllllly matter to the couple and they reallllllllly want you to be there.

So, why do you feel like you’re not allowed to sit down during the ceremony??

Let me share a secret with you: the reason some couples don’t provide a chair for every person in attendance is because some council permits and hire licenses don’t allow more than 30/40 chairs! Shock horror, how could they?!

In other cases, the couple has decided to provide enough chairs for their immediate family, and for anyone who needs to sit. But often they have no idea how many people may “need” to sit or for what reason, and so they go for a nice even number of chairs that will create an aisle to walk down. Genius.

As a marriage celebrant and even before this, when I was coordinating a wedding, it really sucks when I ask guests to fill the seats and you do not! Not only is this making my job harder (honest truth, sorry) but you’re making the couples’ wedding photos and video look, well, sad.

Empty chairs makes it look like they have no friends! Not to mention how it feels for the couple to stand in front of all their nearest and dearest only to see empty seats in the crowd. Did someone not show? Are they saving it for someone who’s running late? Is the chair broken?? I need to ask the chair supplier for a refund!

Usually the answer to all of the above is ‘no, your guests just felt like they weren’t important enough to sit’.

Friends, you are important enough, YOU WERE INVITED TO THEIR WEDDING! Rest your feet while you can!

That’s not to say that you should sit in the front row if you’re not immediate family. But anywhere from the second row onwards is fair game. And if Nanna comes along and needs to sit, you can always look like the wedding saviour by graciously offering her your seat. See? Win win!

So please, for the love of your dancing feet, fill the chairs at the ceremony.

If all the chairs are full, that’s great! Gather in nice and close and remember to keep the aisle clear for the entry and exit. And if you’re in church, sit as close to the front as possible to fill up those rows! Don’t sit all the way up the back where you can’t see or hear, get amongst it!

Consider this the permission you need to sit your bottom on a chair at the next wedding you attend, please and thank you.

Love from, your feet in those sexy heels x

(and me, Kerstyn x)


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