Wedding Traditions: What’s the Go?

Ahh wedding traditions. Some are fun, some are corny, and some are downright expensive. There are so many, and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming thinking you have to include them all. But you know what? You don’t! It’s your day, and there’s no such thing as bad luck because you didn’t wear something borrowed or something blue.

Here are a few wedding traditions you could say I don’t to. (sorry).


Bonbonniere are the little gifts or takeaways you give your guests for coming to your wedding. But uh, you’re already being super generous in shouting them a meal and drinks! And a raging dance party. Downscale your bonbonniere or scrap it altogether, trust me, you don’t need it and you’ll save money too!

Doing a bouquet toss

Wait, hear me out! Now, I love a good bouquet toss as much as the next gal, but at a few of the weddings I’ve attended (and I attend a lot) I’ve found that quite a few of the single women feel quite awkward and singled out – no pun intended. Maybe rethink this idea, especially if you know there’s only a couple of single women and they might feel embarrassed.

The exact same bridesmaid dress for everybody

It’s become a bit of a new tradition these days to choose bridesmaids dresses that are matched in some way, but not exactly the same dress. The benefits of this are that each of your bridesmaids can wear a dress that suits their body shape, which also means they’ll be way more comfortable on the day. You could choose a similar style dress in different colours, or dresses in different styles but from the same colour family. The trick is to have at least one consistent dress element to tie them together.

Not seeing each other before the ceremony

The breaking of this tradition is actually gaining some popularity. Some couples are choosing to get ready together instead (cute!), and some are keen for a more intimate or creative ‘first look’ than when you’re walking down the aisle. It can also help to calm those nerves before the ceremony, just to have a little alone time together. As first looks go, this has got to be my all time fave!

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.

This is one of our absolute favourite traditions. Mainly because each wedding we go to, the items chosen are all so wildly different and hold a unique meaning for each bride. We also love this tradition as it allows people close to you to play a special part in the day – whether they’re with us or not. You can choose to keep your items hidden, i.e. in your dress, or a secret so no one else knows the meaning but you.

Wedding traditions are lovely, and if you feel strongly about certain ones then by all means include them in your big day! But make sure you’re doing so because you want to, and try not to let the opinions of your family get in the way.

Now let’s party!

K x

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