How to ask your BFF to be your MOH

The time has come.

You’re engaged.

You’re excited.

You get to dress up, marry the person of your dreams and have a celebration!

But first you gotta choose the people you’ll have up there by your side in your wedding party, namely, your girls. Or your boys. I don’t know you. YET.

This is a fun part. You get to make your friends fight to the death for a chance to be your maid of honour (MOH). Usually, this person is a best friend and will be your go to for help when choosing your dress (and theirs!), for planning a kitchen tea or bachelorette party, and for general ‘keep the bride calm and happy’ duties. They will fix your dress’ train during your wedding, and will check your teeth during the reception in case you have a rough piece of kale stuck in there (why do you have kale at your wedding??).

What I’m saying is, you and this person need to be tight.

So, how do you even ask your BFF to be your MOH?

We got you. Here’s some cool ideas:

1) Invite your future MOH over for drinks. Be it shots, wine or tea. Give them a glass or mug with the question engraved or painted on. CUTE!

Find them here.
Buy this bad boy here.

2. Tell her she looks cold and give her a pair of these socks.

Toast your tootsies here.

3. Give her a cute make up purse with a her new title. WIN!

Go shopping.

4. Create a custom wine label then stick it onto her fave vino and voila! Instant MOH. Also drunk MOH.

Get drunk.

5. You don’t have to overthink it. A good old fashioned card always does the trick!

Get this!
Pick of the bunch for me.

Now you’re ready! Go forth and get your MOH!

Also email me and let me know which idea is your fave!

K x

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