There’s a new virus affecting the wedding industry….

There’s a new virus going around weddings and it’s specifically targeting the couple who are getting married. It’s called…. COMPARISONITIS and I’m sorry to say, it’s highly contagious.

Key Symptoms

    • Comparing all your wedding plans to those of others’
    • Choosing things you want based on what you think you’re “supposed to do”
    • Listening to negative Nellies
    • Thinking you can’t have something you want because it’s already been done
    • Buying into the “at my wedding, we didn’t do that” or “when we got married, we did this

A couple of our clients recently said they wanted to bring in a champagne tower for everyone to enjoy after their ceremony. We found them a few quotes, got a great deal and then in our next meeting, they said they might not want to do it anymore.

‘That’s okay,’ I said. ‘We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.’

And the bride’s response made my heart hurt…

‘Well I do want to have one, I’ve just seen it all over Instagram and it seems too “done” now’.


After a quick discussion about where this “done” feeling came from, why she likes the champagne tower, why they think it’s important, and the logistics, we decided to go ahead and make that moment happen after their ceremony.

Turns out, her Instagram feed is so FULL of wedding inspo thanks to #thealgorithm she’s seen the towers over and over again (some from the same wedding at different angles!). Yes, it’s popular at the moment! But does that mean that all their friends and family as guests have seen it? Not at all! In fact, we bet 90% of their guests will think it’s the coolest, freshest idea ever AND besides all that, the Bride and Groom really want to do it. Win-win!

Black and white photo of a tower of champagne glasses on a wine barrel. A bride and groom are standing either side, smiling and pouring bottles of champagne into the top two tiers of the tower

The cure for Comparisonitis:

Unfortunately, there is no cure as such. But you can treat the symptoms as they appear. Try our step-by-step, 100% vegan, natural remedy below:

When you feel yourself comparing your wedding to someone else’s…
    1. Feel into the feeling – why do you feel this way? Is it parental guilt, is it a financial comparison, or is it just “Keeping up with the Jonses”?
    2. Chat about it with your fiance/fiancee – how do they feel about it? Why? Is it important to them
    3. Do you still really want to do or not do the thing? (ie. champagne tower because you want to or champagne tower because you think you have to)
    4. If you really want to do it, DO IT!
    5. If you really don’t want to do it, DON’T DO IT!

And when in doubt about what to say, just blame your wedding planner!

Yours in wedding planning and avoiding viruses like the plague,

Kerstyn xx


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