Saying ‘YES’ to the Dress – 5 Tips to help you on your way!

Okay, so you’ve said yes to that one special person who makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, but there is still one HUGE decision to make….. your wedding dress! Whilst I didn’t make a rash decision with my husband’s proposal (*phew*), I did rush my decision when choosing a dress.

From the moment I started planning our wedding (from the bend of the knee lol), I had a vision in my mind of the dress I thought I wanted. So, off I went to the bridal shop, where I tried on a couple of dresses to entertain my family and friends, and said ‘yes’ to a dress. One year later, after two fittings and lots of tears, I decided I just didn’t feel sparkly in the dress anymore and bought a new one! *Doh!*

Maybe I was too keen the first time around, too early off the starting line to buy- or maybe I just couldn’t let go of the dress in my head, but I hope my story will help to guide you on your own ‘yes’ journey…

When it comes to choosing the right dress or suit for you, there are soooooo many options out there! But THE most important thing is how you feel in the outfit! Imagine your setting, and picture yourself on your wedding day, standing (and sitting) in the dress. Does it make you feel like the Queen you are? Does it hold you in the right places? Also, a helpful hint – ask someone to take a photo of you in the dress in the bridal store (if they allow it) so you can see how it will look in photos!

I have no doubt you have pinned and researched what dress or outfit you want to wear on your day, but maybe these few points will help you say ‘yes’ and avoid my dress dilemma!

1. Budget

Like every aspect of wedding planning, I recommend having a budget in mind before you go shopping! Being able to give the consultant a limit on price means you don’t fall into the upsetting trap of trying on your dream dress, to later find out that it is wayyyyyy over budget. You’ll cry, get upset and then have set a bar in your head, that just isn’t possible to reach. There are BEAUTIFUL dresses at every price range. Once again, believe me- I went in the first time around leaving with a $4000 dress, and ultimately spent $800 on ‘the one’. #sorrydad

2. Dress Shape/Style

My biggest advice here is to keep an open mind when trying on dresses. I went in thinking I wanted a beautiful mermaid dress that sculpted to my body and refused to try on anything else (the first time round). A few alterations to it later and I still wasn’t happy. I felt so self-conscious in it, I burst into tears. The second time around I tried every style, taking the bridal stylist’s recommendations as well… and ended up in a classic A-line dress that really was ‘The One’. Much like a partner, you have to try a few different styles to find the perfect fit! (See what I did there?!). Even if your dream dress feels right, try something else to be sure! Options here again go on and on… A-line, Mermaid, Two-Piece, Jumpsuits, Trumpet, Ball Gown, Tea Length…. And then there’s the different types of neckline and sleeve length, too! It can be overwhelming, but I recommend you start with some ideas in mind and be open to suggestion.

3. Your Cheerleaders

Of course, you want to have a second, third and fourth opinion, but when shopping for your dream dress, try to keep the entourage to a select few. Depending on the store, they may even have max numbers anyway (thanks covid), but make sure that your opinion isn’t overpowered or ignored- it’s useful to have friends and family there, but remember, ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’.

4. Weather

Think about the expected climate of your wedding date and location. If you’re marrying in the middle of summer and your ceremony is outdoors, sleeves may cause you to become a sweaty mess! Perhaps there is a dress you can add sleeves to later for the reception? If you’re marrying in winter, maybe they are a must? Then of course there’s the endless options across the spectrum, cap sleeves, spaghetti straps, strapless, three-quarter and literally everything in between. Be sure to remember the season in which you are marrying- as this may even affect the fabrics and weight of the dress you pick!

5. The Venue and Terrain

Are you getting married in a Church? If so, make sure to check they don’t have any guidelines such as shoulders being covered. If this is the case, and it doesn’t fit your dream dress, try adding a bolero or cape (because let’s be honest you’re already a superwoman) that can be removed for photos and your reception. If you’re getting married on the beach, do you want to go barefoot? If not think about a way to make sure you don’t sink in the sand when walking down the aisle. Maybe a thick jute rug or something similar. Same goes for choosing a style appropriate for the terrain – if you’re getting married on a farm-style property, is a seven-layer ballgown going to be the most appropriate or comfortable option for you? Maybe not..? Wherever you are tying the knot, take everything into consideration.

The Takeaway? You want to feel like a complete goddess in whatever you choose to wear- and deserve to feel every bit of sparkle possible. Don’t be disheartened if the first store you try doesn’t have the yes dress. It IS out there and waiting for you- because just as fate led you to the love of your life, it will carry you to your dream dress; of that I’m certain.

Much Love as always,

Lauren x

PS. That’s me pictured above, please feel free to shout compliments!


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