Should you hire a Wedding Co-ordinator? (Spoiler: YES!)

Your loving partner has just made the gesture of a lifetime… “Do you want the rest of my cake?” and instantly you KNOW in your gut you’ve scored yourself a soulmate and before long you end up engaged.

Oh wait, I think that was MY future engagement #lol

Regardless, I’m assuming you’re a newly engaged, loved-up pair walking on sunshine. You might even still be amid the beautiful chaos of blissfully celebrating your engagement. You’ve probably danced, smiled and laughed your way through a string of unforgettable events – BBQs, dinners, skype sessions and play dates – to share the nuptial-news with your nearest and dearest. When the festivities hit full swing, life is great.

But before long, all the dust has settled, all the champagne has been popped and the distant relatives retreat back into hiding… and suddenly it hits you.n

It’s showtime. Oh yes! WEDDING PLANNING!

So where do I come in? I’m so happy you asked.

We have seen first-hand how stressed out a Bride can be on her wedding day. But, why? How does this happen? You have carefully planned and organised every detail beforehand, why should anything need handling on the day itself? Because… life.

Vendors are humans too and mistakes can be made…


We will handle the floral arrangements when they don’t quite work because the air-conditioning units are in the way.

We will tell the venue where to move the bar because it doesn’t quite fit in that corner anymore.

We will meet and greet guests so your family can just enjoy themselves too.

You can also count on us to:

  •  Manage all suppliers on the day
  • Ensure everything is delivered as planned and on time
  • Set up DIY elements
  • Deliver gifts
  • Collect bags from hotel rooms
  • Move items from first location to second
  • Look after your Bridal Party with drinks and snacks, make-up touch ups, water (hydrate!), and hold your dress is necessary!
  • Make sure Nanna gets a front row seat
  • Greet and coordinate with vendors as they arrive
  • Checklist prepared and checked twice (like Santa)
  • Handle all potential challenges before they arise
  • Leave you to relax, get ready and enjoy your day
  • Stay firmly out of all your photos and videos (camouflage style)

AND if you totally fall in love with me (which you will because I’m SUPER modest) I can also look after the MCing on the day, too!

We promise, you wont regret it. See….


“Perfect service. Everything any bride could wish for” – Lisa Humphreys

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