Top 5 Honeymoon Hotspots

Us? Writing a blog about Honeymoon Hotspots? HEY! Someone’s gotta do it!

We’ve been asked on several occasions to help, weigh-in or recommend honeymoon destinations for our couples because 1) we’re obsessed with travel, 2) we love asking our couples about their pending holiday and 3) we’re super organised and there’s nothing we can’t do. Fact.

Let’s go through our top 5 Honeymoon Hotspots.

1) Romance, relaxation and – the most important thing of all – rest. Welcome to the Maldives!

It’s no secret this is a fan-favourite amongst newlyweds. How could it not be? The warm sea breeze, crystal clear water and lots of quality time with your new HUSBAND/WIFE! (Ahh!). But the real beauty about the Maldives is the ability to do as much or as little as you like. If you want to lie in a hammock all day reading the latest Stephanie Meyers, done! If you want to go snorkeling with whales, easy!

With jaw-droppingly gorgeous landscape, the freshest of food and some of the world’s highest-regarded customer service, this destination will have you falling in love all over again.

2) Up for some adventure-time? Welcome to India!

India? India? Yes, India – really! We know, not your average or regular honeymoon destination, but this is a secret wonderland that couples who love being outdoors and experiencing as much as possible are jumping on to. The thing is, India has a lot more to offer than scrumptious butter chicken and garlic naan (did we just describe the best Friday night Uber eats order!?). India is the place to be for Trekking through the Himalayas; Jeep Safari, Mountain Biking, Camping, River Rafting through Ladakh; Sand-Duning and Camel Safaring through Jaisalmer; or skiing in Gulmarg. Honestly, it really does have it all – including these insanely scary / fun / omg hanging tents!

3) Just want good food and a culture injection? Welcome to Vietnam!

Vietnam has become hugely popular as a honeymoon destination in recent years, it’s kind of like the new Thailand. Still very much gripped in their cultural ways, Vietnam does not overly cater to tourists which is a good thing – it means when you’re there you get the most authentic experience ever. Starting with the food! If you love a pho here, wait until you’re in Halong Bay!

With coastal tours and city landmarks, Vietnam really does have it all. Food, sightseeing, culture and a fabulous bunch of locals ready to welcome you with open arms.

4) Want a bit of everything? Welcome to America!

Not keen to learn another language? Want something a little bit familiar but also freshly new and exciting? America is your jam (or should we say ‘jelly’!). From the west coast all the way to the east coast, America really delivers from history, pop culture, fried food (yes please x a thousand) and fashion. On one end you’ve got insanely fascinating cities like Chicago and on the other, the simpler country-style living of Alabama, all the way to hipster LA and vibrant New-Yorkers.

If you haven’t been to America, perhaps your honeymoon is the perfect time to go. You truly cannot go wrong and best of all, Americans are extremely hospitable and you won’t need to rely on Google translate to communicate. Bonus!

5) Is this possibly the last ‘big’ holiday you’re going to have in a while before… ahem… kids? Welcome to Europe!

Europe – could we be any more vague? HA! We know, Europe is a hellofa big place, but that’s the beauty of it. If this is genuinely you’re last holiday for a little bit, at least until you settle into married life, then Europe is a fantastic honeymoon spot. And, despite people’s opinions, it’s not that extravagant as it once was. Sure the Aussie dollar could be better (#understatement) but the value you get on tours, tourist passes, transport and living expenses (hello Australia why is it $25 for a burger here?), your dollar really does go quite far. Our tip is to save on your flights – there are endless deals that come along so keep an eye out for a bargain there.

Europe top tips? Ok, ok – here’s our absolute favs:

1. Lake Como, Italy: only go here if you want the beauty burned into your retinas. It’s calm, slow, mesmerising. Not a lot to do but drink Aperol Spritz and eat pizza. BINGO!

2. Paris, France: come on, how could you not want to be here as newlyweds? Romance level: expert.

3. Barcelona, Spain: you may not fit into your jeans when you leave, but man it’ll be worth it to eat all the patatas bravas you can get your paws on.

See, wasn’t that fun? Now quick, jump on and start narrowing down your choices. Also looking for a third wheel to take your pics and eat gelato? We’re available. Joking, but not really.

Happy Mooning!

K x

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